AIRBEST-Vacuum Accessories

AIRBEST-Vacuum Accessories

  • Different vacuum accessories to meet different applications.

  • High-precision for condition monitoring of the vacuum system.

  • Compact design to fit limited space for installation.

Vacuum Accessories Application Field

AIRBEST vacuum accessories, such as vacuum filter, silencer, vacuum valve, and pressure gauge. And these vacuum accessories are used in vacuum system for different industries.

Core Competitiveness of Vacuum Accessories

Core Competitiveness of Vacuum Accessories
  • There are different vacuum accessories with various sizes. 

  • The function of the vacuum accessories is to filter the dust in the air, or control compressed air or reduce silence and so on.


  • They can be chosen on different requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions of Vacuum Accessories

What is the requirement if I want to be a distributor of AIRBEST?

We would like to have distributors in different countries, please contact with us if you need.

Do you have any certificate of your products?

We have some certificates, such as CE, ROHS, etc.

Which one is more important when choose the vacuum generator? Vacuum level or vacuum flow?

It depends on the type of workpiece, air-tight or porous, and how many pieces of vacuum suction cup to connect with, etc. Please contact us for details.

Can the vacuum generator work in any special environment?

It's better to describe us the special environment, such as high humidity, high temperature, corrosive, explosive, static, etc. Then we could check for you.

How to select a matching vacuum generator (vacuum ejector)?

The selection is determined by the factors, including whether the type of workpiece is air-tight or porous; requires a short work cycle or not; the pressure of compressed air, etc.

Know More About Vacuum Accessories

What are the types of Vacuum Accessories?

Presently, in the market, there are different types of vacuum accessories available and you may choose any type of accessories as per your need and requirement. To start a business related to vacuum accessories, you have to list down accessories details and then place an order! Every plant needs different types of vacuum accessories and they need a proper supplier, buyer, or distributor as well. If you will place the different types of accessories then they will never go to some other place. We can pack products and label your company logo and details as well if you wish! We always provide a quality product at the professional price.

The vacuum system normally consists of vacuum generator, vacuum suction cups or special gripper and vacuum accessories, such as filter, valve, pressure switch, pressure gauge and silencer. Filters help to protect the vacuum system from contamination; different type valves could control vacuum and flow, etc.

What are the Vacuum Accessories suitable for Vacuum Generator?

The vacuum accessories suppliers are fit for vacuum generator, vacuum filters, the valve, pressure switch, pressure gauge, and silencer could be equipped in vacuum system with a vacuum generator, to achieve different functions to control the vacuum.

There are several plants where that need a vacuum generator or filter or valve-related different types of accessories. They always look for a suitable supplier who can able to deliver products within time. If you are one of them, who can deliver products within time as per client requirement, then you will get several benefits. We can produce pressure gauges, valves, and other vacuum-related products and accessories as well. There are different types of accessories that need a vacuum generator. As per generator size and height, they need parts. Once you place an order for any type of generator, we are ready

What is Filter?

The filter used in a vacuum system is to filter the dust and other tiny particles in the air, which is go through the vacuum generator and hoses. The dust and tiny particles may block the hoses and other components, the filter helps to prevent the dust go inside the vacuum generator.

Presently, in the market, the demand for filters is increasing. Different plants are already using different types of filters for vacuum. There are different shapes and sized filters available in the market and you may choose any product as per your need. If you are a business owner and looking for the filters, then place an order now! We have some basic steps, you have to follow those steps and need to provide us with product pictures so that we can understand your product details and features. You can contact us directly through email or chat process or via call. We also provide a strong customer care service. If you wish, you can visit our plant anytime.

How to choose the right Vacuum Accessories?

Vacuum accessories we manufacture include filters, control valves, non-return valves, check valves, pressure switches, silencers, etc. Filter helps to input clean air, different type valves could control vacuum, if you want to monitor the pressure, you could choose pressure switch or gauge; vacuum silencer could reduce the noise of vacuum generator.

It's always essential to select the right vacuum accessories. If you are planning to start a business with vacuum accessories, then before that you have to identify which vacuum accessories you need to buy from us! As per that, you have to make a list and place an order! We will check your order and then confirm whether we are capable to manufacture it or not! Every plant needs proper vacuum accessories because proper accessories help to make production fast and it helps to produce many products easily. Grab the professional deal from us and enjoy unlimited. Here, we will provide you with complete knowledge regarding the vacuum.  

How to ensure the quality of large quantities of Vacuum Accessories?

To ensure the quality of big quantity vacuum accessories, we have a strict quality requirement in each process. Do Supplier audit, and inspection of parts before sending to spare parts warehouse. Train workers and inspectors to be familiar with each step of production and inspection standard. The finished products need to be inspected 100% before being sent to the warehouse or delivered.

You don't need to worry about the quality! We always provide a superior quality product at a professional price. We have an experienced QC team that will check random products and always pass those products that full fill requirements. We provide always superior quality products which last long. Once you buy accessories from us, it will last long because we offer verified and tasted products always. Once you buy from us, you can sell those items without any hesitation in the market and the customer will buy again and again from you. Find the professional deal and enjoy unlimited. Grab the professional offer now!

How about the after-sales service of Vacuum Accessories?

We offer after-sales consultation and technical support. Answer on time and give support for the installation. If any questions or problems, please contact us and we will contact you within 24hours.

After-sales service is very important and it plays an important role as well. A business owner always prefers a manufacturer who can provide strong customer care service. Whenever a supplier or distributor invests a huge amount for buying a bulk order, they will always focus on after-sale service. If you buy from AIR BEST, you don’t need to worry about that! We value your time and effort both. We always deliver verified and tasted products but if you will get the wrong item at any chance, we will replace the entire goods. You don’t need to worry about that! We always co-operate with our customers and maintain them.

How to install Filter?

Filters normally are installed between the vacuum suction cup and the vacuum generator or the valve. Firstly check the diameter or thread specification of the connection port, and choose the right hose or fitting to connect the filter to the vacuum suction cup and vacuum generator.

There are different processes and procedures available to change the filter. It depends on what type of filter you want to change. And the vacuum details as well. If you place an order from AIR BEST, we always provide a quality filter as per your need. From our company, you may get different shapes and sizes of the products at a professional price. We offer superior quality filters at a professional price. If you place a bulk order, you will get attractive discounts which help to save some money. Follow our process and contact us for vacuum accessories. We will manufacture all the products as per your requirement.

How Filter Works?

The filter protects the vacuum system from the dusty environment, the supplied air goes through the filter, the filter element prevents the dust and small particles, and clean air is supplied to the vacuum generator. The filter element is replaceable. The filtering efficiency of the different filters is 5~25um.

The filter is everything in a device. In the vacuum, the filter helps to suck up all the dust and helps to provide fine air. Filter always removes dust from that device and provide pure air in the room. There are different devices where a filter can use, like a vacuum cleaner, handy device, large device, a vacuum machine, etc. When filters protect dust and polluted air and vacuum generate and provide good air, then it creates a good impact on the body! Find the professional deal online and then proceed. Place an order now to get products within time. We always deliver the product on time.

What is Mechanical Pressure Gauge?

The mechanical pressure gauge is used to indicate the pressure value, for positive or negative pressure. The panel is made of acrylic and ABS black plastic for the case. The connection thread is NPT1/8M or G1/8M.

We, AIR BEST always provide professional quality, different types of vacuum accessories at a professional price. It helps to produce large quantity production. It also helps to move different types of industrial products from one place to another. Choose the professional deal online. It helps to run your production fast and it will also make you happy. If you are a manufacturer and offer superior quality vacuum products, then to make your production fast you need vacuum accessories. You can place an order for big-size vacuum accessories or small-size vacuum accessories as well. To get superior quality vacuum accessories you may consult with us. We are one of the professional manufacturers who offer vacuum accessories for the wood industry.

So, don't waste your time, just call us anytime or contact us to know more details. We will provide you with superior quality products at a professional price. You can visit our plant if you wish before you finalize the deal.

What is Digital Pressure Switch?

The digital pressure switch indicates the vacuum level value in a digital way. The vacuum level is measured by a piezoresistive sensor and a digital switching signal is an output. It's easy to learn the vacuum level value from the digital display. Optimizing the duty cycle and adjusting the system loop.

It is one type of mechanical device which controls the air pressure and operation of an electric air compressor. It completes the circuit and permits power to the motor which specified settings. Using a pressure switch you will be able to control the machine and its safety. There are two types of pressure switches available solid-state and electromechanical. It also includes different types of sensors. If you want to sell these digital pressure switches on your eCommerce website or another place, just call us. We will produce such products and sell them to you. 

Digital pressure switches completely control the pressure and make it work. If you will use such switches then it will make more pressure on the air and the switch will work faster. If you are planning to invest in the digital switch then it will be a great decision. Presently, most plants are implementing such a digital switch to make their production process fast. It helps to understand the pressure of a vacuum and you can understand it digitally. The process is simple and easy. Just buy a digital switch and start your business. You will get a good profit easily using such products.

What are the functions of the vacuum control unit?

The vacuum control unit controls the connection and disconnection of the relative solenoid valve to open and close the air supply port of the vacuum generator, to minimize the air supply volume within the vacuum range that is set up in advance.

NPN or PNP is optional.

Every plant needs these vacuum control units for different purposes. The market demand for such an item is always high. If you are planning to start a business with vacuum accessories, then you should buy large quantity products at a discounted price and then need to sell them. We are offering you a professional deal. Buy from us using your logo and company details and sell as much as you wish.  We will provide you with attractive offers and discounts on a large quantity that helps you to save some money.

We always provide professional quality product which lasts long. Buy products from us and enjoy unlimited.

What to do if Vacuum Accessories is damaged?

If any damage to vacuum accessories or problems with them, please stop the running and contact us. Our service team will check with you about the problem and give you support to solve it.

Customer satisfaction is the main for us. After receiving products if you found any damaged products or accessories, you don't need to worry! Once you buy from us you don't need to take any kind of tension. we will change the entire lot if we will found damaged products. You just need to wait a few days more for this process. But the chances of such accidents are very rare! Mabe, there is 0% chance for such types of problems. If you buy from AIR BEST, you don't need to worry about that! We value your time and effort both. We always deliver verified and tasted products but if you will get the wrong item at any chance, we will replace the entire goods.

Customer query is something that needs to maintain properly. It's always better to choose a manufacturing company that is capable to provide strong customer care service. Our main motto is to satisfy our customers. If you find any type of damage during transportation or other, just provide us the proper report. We will verify and if found it's correct, we will rectify our products or return them. You don't need to pay any fees for this purpose. We always replace all types of damaged products if our customers find them. We will replace them within certain business days.

Which products the Pneumatic Control Valve is suitable for?

A pneumatic control valve is connected to a vacuum generator, used to control the flow of compressed air and vacuum. Normally open and normally closed type for option.

If you are looking for a professional quality pneumatic control valve, then contact us now!

We are one of the professional manufacturers who offer professional quality pneumatic control valves which last long.

You can check one sample before providing us bulk order! We are ready to provide complete tasted and verified products.

We also provide strong customer care service as well.

Check and select the professional quality pneumatic control valve and enjoy. Once you buy accessories from us, it will last long because we offer verified and tasted products always. Once you buy from us, you can sell those items without any hesitation in the market and customer will buy again and again from you.

How to maintain the vacuum control unit?

It's always essential to control all types of units related to vacuum. Maintenance is very important and it plays an important role as well. You have to maintain it in a way that you can control the unit properly. There are some steps you have to follow if you want to control the vacuum units. This is very important and vital as well. We will offer different vacuum accessories to our clients.  As per that, you have to make a list and place an order! We will check your order and then confirm whether we are capable to manufacture it or not

When using a vacuum control unit, please follow the instructions:

1. Please confirm that the output mode of the vacuum pressure switch matches with the vacuum control unit before usage.

2. Please confirm that the connection lines of the solenoid valve of the vacuum generator and vacuum control unit are correctly connected.

3. Reconfirm the function of different lines before debugging, in order to avoid the wrong operation.

What are the characteristics of Digital Pressure Switch?

1. Compact size and lightweight, can directly connect to air supply port or vacuum port.

2. The square design is more suitable for panel mounting and a variety of mounting brackets and panels are available.

3. Used for condition monitoring of the vacuum system, optimizing the duty cycle, and adjusting the system loop.

If you are looking for a professional quality Digital Pressure switch then place an order now! We have an experienced team of manufacturers who will be able to produce superior quality Digital pressure switches and other vacuum-related accessories. We have some simple steps and you need to follow such steps to get better results. We also have a certified inspection team that will inspect every product and then provides a complete solution. We check and analyze every switch and then provide you.

Find a professional deal from us and then sell.

We are the professionals for the eCommerce website owner, distributor, or re-seller. If you want, we can pack according to your need. We can paste your company logo and other details and send it to you. So, you can sell those products directly. Our process is very simple and easy. If you are looking for vacuum accessories, just send us product requirements with pictures. We will analyze and discuss with our team and if we are capable then we will confirm with you. After that, we will send you a quotation for you. Once you will confirm that and pay, then we will start manufacturing. In between, we will also send you a sample to understand our quality of work. Find a professional deal on vacuum accessories from us and enjoy unlimited. We will deliver the product within time at your location.

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