Company News

12, 2022
Renew audition of certificate of conformity of environmental management system certification
From Dec. 6th to 8th, there was a renew audition for a certificate of conformity of environmental management system certification ISO 14001 in the Airbest facility. All departments, documents, environ...
12, 2022
A successful conclusion of Airbest 1st session of High Potential Training Course
On 6th Nov., Airbest hold a graduation ceremony for its 1st session of the High Potential Training Course. 13 trainees presented their research results. Excellent trainees were awarded by G.M. Mr. Jet Hu and...
12, 2021
M&A Notification
As approved by the shareholders meeting, our company was acquired by PIAB Management AB on December 21, 2021, which is located in Sweden.
09, 2021
Airbest Excellent Staff Award Ceremony
Last week, AIRBEST has a ceremony of the Excellent Staff (2020) award. AIRBEST has a staff assessment at the end of the year, and the excellent staff will be awarded.
09, 2021
Airbest Held The Ceremony For The First High-Potential Training Camp
On September 9th, AIRBEST held the ceremony for the first high-potential training camp.
11, 2020
Airbest Participated In The 26th Propak China
ProPak China (Shanghai) is the premier processing and packaging even in China. It provides processing and packaging solutions to food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries.