AIRBEST-Vacuum Grippers

AIRBEST-Vacuum Grippers

  • Vacuum gripper is a gripping system that can be installed on the robot directly. 

  • Internal vacuum generator type and external vacuum blower type are optional. 

  • For adsorption surface type, sponge type and suction cup type are optional.

Types Of Industrial Vacuum Grippers

AIRBEST vacuum gripper is a gripping system that can be installed on the robot directly. It can be used flexibly to fit every size and shape of workpieces. We have sponge types and suction cup types for different workpieces. For vacuum sources, we have an internal vacuum generator type and an external blower type for optional.

AIRBEST vacuum gripper is suitable for fully automated applications, especially in the packaging industry. One vacuum gripper can be used for several different size workpieces without changing the gripper.

Vacuum Suction Gripper Application Field

AIRBEST vacuum grippers are widely used in a large range of robot applications, especially in packaging industry and logistics industry. 

Vacuum Gripper Working Principle

Vacuum Gripper Working Principle
  • When starting the vacuum equipment, the negative air pressure is produced in the vacuum gripper to suck the workpiece firmly.

  • When the workpiece is moved to the destination, the air is smoothly inflated into the vacuum gripper, so that the vacuum gripper changes from negative pressure to zero pressure or slightly positive pressure.

  • Then the gripper is separated from the workpiece, so as to complete the task of lifting and carrying objects.


Frequently Asked Questions of Vacuum Grippers

What is the requirement if I want to be a distributor of AIRBEST?

We would like to have distributors in different countries, please contact us if you need.

Do you have any certificate of your products?

We have some certificates, such as CE, ROHS, etc.

Which one is more important when choose the vacuum generator? Vacuum level or vacuum flow?

It depends on the type of workpiece, air-tight or porous, and how many pieces of vacuum suction cup to connect with, etc. Please contact us for details.

Can the vacuum generator work in any special environment?

It's better to describe us the special environment, such as high humidity, high temperature, corrosive, explosive, static, etc. Then we could check for you.

How to select a matching vacuum generator (vacuum ejector)?

The selection is determined by the factors, including: type of workpiece is air-tight or porous; requires short work cycle or not; pressure of compress air, etc.

Know More About Vacuum Grippers

What are Vacuum Grippers?

Vacuum grippers are used for handling different types of workpieces. A modular design could fix the vacuum generator inside. The absorbing surface could be vacuum suction cups or sponges, to meet the different kinds of surfaces of workpieces.

In a manufacturing plant or unit, most people prefer vacuum grippers. It helps to suck any products by using its vacuum features and move easily from one place to another. And it helps to run the business smoothly and production process. It helps to run the production process fast because using a vacuum gripper you can move products from one place to another. Whether you are a business owner or production manager and looking for quality vacuum grippers, choose AIR BEST. We are one of the professional manufacturers who offer quality products at a professional price. We always provide standard products verified and tasted.

How do you make Vacuum Grippers?

After getting the order from the customer, we input the order information into our system. The production department makes planning and the spare parts warehouse prepares the accessories as BOM requested.

Some parts need to do machining and surface treatment. With all parts ready, workshops do the assembly. Then quality inspector checks the finished vacuum gripper and follows the inspection requirement list.

100% check before sending to finished products warehouse.

Every plant or factory more or less needs vacuum grippers. It has many advantages and features as well. If you will place an order with us for manufacturing we will produce different types of vacuum grippers at a professional price. We have a large production team and inspection team as well. After producing products, we first tested them with our expert analyst. After a complete inspection, if it's ok, we will pass it to the packing department and as per your instruction, we will pack the products. Our production process has a complete line and we follow that line to get good results. Choose the professional vacuum grippers online and then proceed. If you choose AIR BEST we will always be ready to offer quality products within a reasonable amount. Book your requirement now and place your order!

What are the types of Vacuum Grippers?

AIR BEST has seven different series of vacuum grippers:

1. TXN series, very small size, applied to handling and sorting light and small workpieces.

2. TXD series, small size, with built-in high flow vacuum generator.

3. TXC series, integrated vacuum generation, for handling wood, carton, metal sheet, etc.

4. TXM series, external vacuum generation, can be equipped with a vacuum generator or blower.

5. TXP series, with oval shape foam rubber, handling of heavy bags, such as rice bags, cement bags, etc.

6. TXH series, with big size, applied to big and heavy load handling.

7. TXL series, modular structure, used for the sorting system.

Above stated products are our prime products and now we are capable of providing only such items at any quantity. Whether you will provide the large quantity or small quantity we will able to produce quality products within time. You can choose any single product from the above-listed items. We offer minimum order quantity and bulk quantity together. You can get the product maximum within 7 days by air. If you will place a bulk order, we will provide it within 30 days. You have to mention in your order which product you need to deliver and the quantity. We will check and makes your order confirmed. You have to mention order quantity within an order!

What are the advantages of AIRBEST Vacuum Grippers?

AIR BEST vacuum grippers have many different types, to meet the requirements of handling various types of workpieces, such as PCB, wood, metal sheet, carton, bags, etc. 

The installation of AIR BEST vacuum grippers is very easy and convenient, with a built-in vacuum generator, that just connects to a compressed air source.

Whether you have a wood factory or PCB plant or bags factory, you need vacuum grippers. This helps to improve the production process and it easily increases production quantity. There are different types of Air professional vacuum grippers available and you may choose any type of vacuum gripper as per your need and requirement. You can easily shift any small to medium to large size products from one place to another. It sucks the items and shifts from one place to another. This will reduce your work pressure and easily move products from one place to another. This helps to run the production smoothly. 

How does the Vacuum Grippers look?

AIR BEST vacuum grippers are of different shapes, sizes, and colors. The design of vacuum grippers is based on the principle of high strength and light weight. The main body of the vacuum gripper is aluminum, treated with anodizing. The adsorption surface could be a vacuum suction cup or sponge.

You will get different types and shapes of vacuum grippers. If you choose AIR BEST we will provide customized colors as well. Based on height and weight we create vacuum grippers and the body of the gripper is aluminum. It is treated with anodizing and it will be completely lightweight. It has an absorption surface which covers with a vacuum suction cup or sponge. The look of the product is based on your requirement. As per your plant requirement or factory requirement you need to choose the products. Find a professional deal from us and enjoy unlimited. We can customize any design as per your need.

What are the main applications of Vacuum Grippers?

Vacuum grippers are widely used in the automation industry.

Packaging industry: handling cartons and big or heavy packages, handling many small packages at the same time.

Woodworking industry: handling wood board, wood brick, veneer, etc.

Metalworking industry: handling metal sheets with a flat or slightly uneven surface.

Plastic industry: handling plastic products, such as plates, cases, etc.

Vacuum grippers are mainly used in the automation industry. This type of product is widely used in the packaging industry as well. There are different types of small parts and tools available that we need to shift from one place to another. It's a time-consuming matter and requires a long time. But if you will use vacuum grippers for such industry, then it saves your time. Using vacuum grippers you can easily move from one place to another. This helps to start work fast and it will increase the production process. You can also use vacuum grippers for other industries like metal, plastic, wood, etc.

How to perform quality inspection on large quantities of Vacuum Grippers?

There is no shortcut to do quality inspection of large quantity vacuum grippers at same time. The inspection of vacuum gripper is one by one in each working lines. 100% check before sending to finished products warehouse.

Quality is very important. It plays an important role. If you will buy quality vacuum grippers, it will last long. Buy quality vacuum grippers from us, we will provide different shapes, sizes, and colorful grippers as per your need and requirement. We have a special production team, inspection team, and packaging team as well. Once we are done with production, we will send products to the inspection team. Our inspection team will check one by one product and if any problem finds they will reject that product immediately. So, you don’t need to worry about quality. We are always ready to provide you the professional quality vacuum grippers at the professional price.

How to choose the right Vacuum Grippers?

To select a suitable vacuum gripper, it’s better to offer the information, such as:

1. The material, the surface condition of the workpiece, working environment, and temperature, it's related to choosing the material of adsorption surface, vacuum suction cup, or sponge.

2. Dimension and weight of the workpiece, it’s related to choosing the size of the vacuum gripper.

If you are looking for a professional quality vacuum gripper’s bulk, we are here to help you. We are ready to provide a professional quality product after being tasted and verified. Our process is simple and easy. We have a list of items. You just need to check items and choose from them and place an order. Once we confirm the order we will send you a price quote. Once you send you a price quote, you just need to check and confirm us and send us to advance. Once we received an advance, we will start manufacturing the product. We also pack the product as per your need. We can customize packing as well on behalf of your company name and logo. Whether you are a whole seller, eCommerce seller or distributor, or direct client we have a solution for everyone.

What are the applicable accessories for Vacuum Grippers?

1. Vacuum suction cup. A vacuum suction cup is very essential. We are able to manufacture different shapes and sized suction cups. You can choose any type of suction cup as per your need. Place a bulk order or small quantity as per your wish!

2. Sponge. Buy a quality sponge for your vacuum grippers. You have to mention specifications and as per that, we will produce.

3. Level compensator. This is another important accessory for vaccume gripers and you have to buy this product. We are ready to produce a quality level compensator for you.

How to maintain Vacuum Grippers?

1. Use in the proper environment, pay attention to the temperature, air source, humidity, dust, etc.

2. If using a sponge as an adsorption surface, prevent damage to the sponge.

3. If use a vacuum suction cup as an adsorption surface, please keep it away from light (like UV).

Maintenance is very important. If you want to use vacuum grippers for the long term, then you should maintain them properly. You have to keep vacuum grippers in a cold place. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity areas. It's always better to keep those products far away from dust. Always focus on, on-air sources as well.  If you don't have much idea how to maintain it properly, we will help you at each step. We will provide you with a manual guide where it's written how to maintain vacuum grippers for the long run. It absorbs the sponge and prevents damage to the sponge.

How to use Vacuum Grippers?

To use vacuum grippers correctly, the main point is when the adsorption surface is a sponge, the vacuum should be generated after the sponge is compressed tightly. Otherwise, the sponge may be damaged by the pull of the workpiece.

Buy vacuum grippers and fast your production process. It reduces manpower and using this tool you will be able to shift products and small parts and accessories from one place to another. This saves time. Vacuum grippers help to run your production fast and they will also improve production quantity. So, buy quality vacuum grippers from us and get them at your doorstep. We can produce bulk quantity but if you need 10 pcs or 100 pcs then we recommend buying from a local store. We china based company and if you buy a small quantity from us you have to pay a huge transportation cost. So, it’s better to avoid transportation costs and buy from the local market. We have a minimum order requirement and to know you should contact us.

How about the after-sales service of Vacuum Grippers?

1. Provide an instruction manual for vacuum grippers. Once you buy from AIR BEST, we will provide a manual guide that helps you to understand how vacuum grippers operate and maintain.

2. Provide consulting services on vacuum grippers, and answer questions from users. We also have experienced consultants who are ready to provide consultancy service and we will provide all information related to vacuum grippers.

3. Provide repair service, free or charged, depending on the actual cause of the problem–after receiving the order if you find any damaged product or products, we will replace the entire batch. You don't need to worry about our service. We are always ready to replace and send you quality products if you find any problems.

4. Ensure the supply of spare parts–we have to ensure the supply of spare parts and we will ensure always.

After receiving Vacuum Grippers, how to install?

A vacuum gripper is fixed on a robot or an end arm frame. There are slots on the top and side surfaces of the vacuum gripper body.

The level compensator is common to be connected with a vacuum gripper, flexible for the uneven workpiece.

The air supply port is connected to the compressed air source. Different vacuum grippers may with different sizes of air supply ports, please refer to the instruction manual.

Once you place an order to us, we will not only dispatch the products but we will send you complete manual guidance, Using that guidance book, you will identify how you will fix vacuum grippers and how to install them successfully. You may choose different types of vacuum grippers of different sizes. You can choose any size as per your need and requirement.  We will provide quality content at a professional price. You can check and select the professional product now! Check manuals and then as per manual guidance, install or fix any problem. With the help of a manual guide, you will also be able to maintain it properly.

What are the common problems when using Vacuum Grippers and how to solve them?

1. When using in a dusty environment, need to clean the dust inside of the vacuum gripper. Open the covers of both ends are available.

2. Sponge damaged. Need to replace sponge, the sponge could be ordered separately.

3. When the workpiece is smaller than the absorbing surface of the vacuum gripper, need to equip a non-returned valve in the vacuum gripper.

These are the above problems that you have to monitor and solve when you are using vacuum grippers. We can provide you with a manual guide for instruction and you can check the guide as per that! You can also hire some experts to solve the problem but we recommend checking our manual and using that you will get complete details. But after receiving from us, if you will find any damage, we will replace the entire product and send you fresh items. Choose the professional deal from us now!

Because of this, portions with large flat sides to them are most preferably suited to the use of vacuum grippers. Additionally, extremely heavy parts may not be right for vacuum grippers, as a huge amount of negative pressure would have to be shaped. Vacuum grippers are most effective in joint robot applications with light, flat parts.

How long is the service life of Vacuum Grippers?

The service life of the vacuum gripper is long. The body of the vacuum gripper is with long life; normally users care about the vacuum suction cup or sponge on the vacuum gripper. Theoretically, in a proper environment with the correct operation, the service life of a sponge is 50,000 times; the service life of a vacuum suction cup depends on the actual use conditions, more than 300,000 times is common.

If you maintain vacuum grippers properly they will last long. We will send manual guidelines to understand how to use it. Whether you will provide the large quantity or small quantity we will able to produce quality products within time. You can choose any single product from the above-listed items. We offer minimum order quantity and bulk quantity together. You can get the product maximum within 7 days by air. If you will place a bulk order, we will provide it within 30 days. We have a huge product list and you may choose from us any product within the deadline. There are different types of small parts and tools available that we need to shift from one place to another. It's a time-consuming matter and requires a long time. But if you will use vacuum grippers for such industry, then it saves your time.

Vacuum grippers work when the disparity between impressive pressure and the vacuum, or negative pressure, is enough to give the ability to lift, hold, move, and more. This happens when one side of a part is large enough and flat sufficient for a vacuum gripper to make enough pressure difference. Vacuum grippers provide many benefits. They are very simple, lightweight products that are inexpensive as well. But if you will use such products it will increase product quantity and it provides fragile parts as well. Vacuum grippers have simple gripping solutions. It has a wide application and it helps for the right parts with the right integration. This gripper will provide safe and powerful grips that collaborate with robot applications.

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