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World-class Vacuum Grippers
Manufacturer from China

●  Fast action with modular design.
●  Flexible use in robots with light weight.
●  Suitable for different applications in various industries.
●  Minimize maintenance cost.

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TXN series. Small size, applied to handling light and small workpieces. Short working cycle is available.
TXD series. Round shape, built-in non-return valve for option, fexible for different size workpieces.
TXC, TXM sereis. Hight strength and light weight, built-in vacuum generator is optional. The adsorption surface could be vacuum suction cup or sponge.
TXP series. The adsorption surface is foam rubber, normally used in handling of heavy bags, such as rice bag, cement bag, etc.
TXH series. Suitable for big area grapping and heavy load handling.

Product Application Field

Woodworking industry
Electronics Industry
Packaging industry
Photovoltaic industry

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- Large vacuum flow, mainly used in handling objects like porous  plate, food, irregular parts, etc.

- Easy to install and maintain, cost effective.

- Integrated with vacuum generator.

- Integrated vacuum cartridge,increase energy consumption ratio greatly.

- Suitable for non-porous applications when high vacuum level is needed.

- Large capacity range, available with 1-6pcs vacuum cartridges.

- H type can reach max. Vacuum level -95kPa,and L type -75kPa.

- Wide range of size for different size workpiece.

- High suction force and high stroke of vacuum suction cup.

- Conductive material for option.


- 2.5 bellows, optimum damping effect during placement on workpiece.

- Very soft sealing lip, has good adaptation to uneven surface workpiece.

-Reliable and precise pickup for workpieces with uneven surface.

-Built-in sliding bearing with good wear resistance,reducing abrasion and prolonging lifetime.

-Double-spring structure effectively absorb impact and balance uneven load distribution.

-Various strokes optional.

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Core Competitiveness

  High Cost Effective Products
  Fast Delivery
  Diversified Products, Customized Design is Available
  Professional Solution for Vacuum Applications
  Technical Team Provide Strong Support
  Perfect Pre-sale And After-sale Service

Factory  Production  Process


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q What is the requirement if I want to be a distributor of AIRBEST?

    A  We would like to have distributors in different countries, please contact with us if you need.
  • Q Do you have any certificate of your products?

    A We have some certificate, such as CE, ROHS, etc.
  • Q Which one is more important when choose the vacuum generator? Vacuum level or vacuum flow?

    A It depends on the type of workpiece, air-tight or porous, and how many pieces of vacuum suction cup to connect with, etc. Please contact us for details.
  • Q Can the vacuum generator work in any special environment?

    A It’s better to describe us the special environment, such as high humidity, high temperature, corrosive, explosive, with static, etc. Then we could check for you.
  • Q How to select a matching vacuum generator (vacuum ejector)?

    A The selection is determined by the factors, including: type of workpiece is air-tight or porous; requires short work cycle or not; pressure of compress air, etc.

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