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●  Used to grip and handle workpiece with different type of surfaces.
●  Good for handling rough or smooth flat objects.
●  Excellent for any vertical loads can be built in different ways to best suit the application.

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Round flat vacuum suction cup is for handling workpieces with flat or slightly curved surface. Because of the flat shape and small inner volume, the round flat vacuum suction cup can be evacuated quickly and grip the workpiece in a very short time. 
*Round flat vacuum suction cup application area: 
-Packaging (plastic bag): SFP, SFT, SFA,
-Glass: SFG
-Electronics: SUF, SZ, SAN.
-Metal sheet: SFF
-Automotive: SFM, 
-Wood: SFU, SPF.
Round bellows vacuum suction cup allowing great compensation level between workpieces with very different height, to handle workpieces with uneven surface. And the fragile products could be handled gently.
*Round bellows vacuum suction cup application area:
-Packaging: SB, SBA, SBL, SBLP, SBP, 
-Automotive/ Metal working: SBB, SBF, STC, SBP, SXP, 
-Food: SBL, SBS.

Oval shape vacuum suction cup can be used for handling narrow workpiece, or with curved surface. The inner support design protects the workpiece from deformation and damage during the handling process.
*Oval shape vacuum suction cup application area: 
-Automotive/ metal working: SOB, SOFA, SOG
-Electronics: SAO, SOFA

Form rubber vacuum suction cup could grip the workpieces with rough and uneven surface. There are two different materials of form rubber. 
NF- Neoprene foam rubber, black color. 
Suitable for outdoor use, good weather and ozone aging resistance, high cut resistance and good malleability.
OF- Geranium form rubber, orange color.
It has good yield elasticity, wear resistance, tear resistance, but not good in oil resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance.
*SNP and SOP series form rubber vacuum suction cup application area:
Handling cement board, marble, grid metal plate, buckle plate, tile, etc.
Flower shape vacuum suction cup with ultra-thin lip design, more conductive to fit all kindly of flexible packaging bags. The inner wedge shaped support structure can effectively enhance the support strength of the suction cup, and ensure the maximum gripping strength.
The Lateral ports of fitting are evenly distributed, which can effectively prevent the soft packaging bags from blocking the vacuum port.
*STP series flower shape vacuum suction cup application area:
-Packaging: soft packing bag, such as bread in bags, courier bag, washing powder, laundry detergent, instant noodles, etc.

Product Application Field

Glass industry
Packaging industry
Automotive industry
Woodworking industry

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Vacuum Suction  Cup                                                                                                                                      
Excellent sealing on surface of workpiece.
Low wear, 2~4 times longer lifetime than NBR.
Good elasticity and high tensile strength.
PU material, very wear-resistant.
Wide range diameter is suitable for different size workpiece.
Round or flower shape plug is optional, to avoid pulling-in into the vacuum suction cup.
Food grade silicone, can be used for gripping food packages.
4.5 bellows with flexible and adaptable sealing lip.
4.5 bellows vacuum suction cup with flexible sealing lip.
Suitable for application of handling packed foods.
With soft and flexible sealing lip.C16.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q What is the requirement if I want to be a distributor of AIRBEST?

    A We would like to have distributors in different countries, please contact with us if you need.
  • Q How to keep vacuum suction cups in storage?

     Store the vacuum suction cup in cool place, where with temperature no more than 25℃, dark, dry and clean. The light (UV), heat, humidity and oxygen may reduce the lift of it.
  • Q Compare to flat vacuum suction cups, what's the advantage of bellows suction cup?

    Bellows vacuum suction cup is good adaptation to uneven surface; pick up fragile workpieces gently.

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