AIRBEST Production Summary and Commendation Meeting

On the 13th of Dec., 2022, Operation Dept. held its Annual Production Summary and Commendation Meeting. 

Li Xia from the metalworking workshop, Zhang Qingqiu from the production technology workshop, Xu Jian and Zhu Daoqin from the assembling workshop, and Cheng Xuechuan from the suction cups workshop are awarded, Annual Excellent Employees. 

Liu Longlong from the suction cups workshop is awarded Annual Excellent Team Leader. 

The suction cups workshop is awarded the Annual Excellent workshop. 

G.M. of Operation Dept., Mr. Cui Jiankai gives the above awards, and makes a statement to encourage all employees to improve themselves from multiple dimensions. 

Manager of Production Dept. Mr. Wu Ligang makes a statement about production arrangements before the Chinese Spring Festival. 


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