SFK Flat Suction Cup Special For Handling Workpieces With Rough Surface

Sfk Flat Suction Cup

AIRBEST SFK flat suction cup is a new product that is special for handling workpieces with rough surfaces. Its features are as below. The sealing ring is made of soft EPDM foam rubber. And it is with an internal large area support structure and small inner volume. Moreover, a contact conductive valve is optional.

This suction cup, it is a split structure design. The wearing parts can be replaced separately. And the separate functional port is also available. The below photo shows its structure for your reference.

It Is Split Structure Design For This Suction Cup

SFK series has many advantages. Firstly, it is suitable for rough surface and uneven surfaces. Secondly, it can prevent thin workpieces from permanent deformation during handling. Thirdly, it has a short work cycle.

Therefore, it is suitable for handling workpieces with different uneven surfaces, such as embossed steel plates, decorative glass, rough slate, and wooden plates.

If any more information is needed, please contact AIRBEST for details.

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