STP Suction Cup For Handling Soft Packing Bags

AIRBEST suction cup STP series is an ultra-thin flower shape suction cup, which is ROHS certificated. It has two sizes. One is 35mm which is 2.5 bellows and with a large compressed stroke. The other is 60mm. Meanwhile, the suction cup and fitting are split structure design, and wearing parts can be replaced separately.

Stp Suction Cup

Firstly, with an ultra-thin soft sealing lip, the suction cup has excellent sealing and it is good for fitting kinds of soft package bags.

Secondly, STP is made of food-grade POM and silicone, which is suitable for handling food packages.

Thirdly, with evenly distributed lateral air ports, it is able to prevent soft packages from deformation during grabbing and blocking the air port.

Stp Is Made Of Food Grade Pom And Silicone

Fourthly, according to different hardness, it can be suitable for different package bag. For example, 35-degree white silicone is suitable for softer packaging bags, and 50-degree blue silicone is suitable for harder packaging bags.

Finally, a double reinforced rib structure will effectively increase suction cup strength and ensure grabbing capacity.

For suction cup STP series, it is widely used in food industry, such as bag of milk, bread, and puffed food. And also it is suitable for handling soft packaging plastic bags, such as bags of washing powder, detergent, tissue, express bags, etc.

If any more data is needed, please do not hesitate to contact AIRBEST. We are at your service.

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