The applications of vacuum generator

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Vacuum generator creates negative pressure with compressed air.ASBP

Advantages of vacuum generators:

1.    Light weight, fit to used in robots.

Vacuum generators are always lightweights. Because of this weight, you can easily carry them or move from one place to another. If you are from the robot industry or automation industry, this type of vacuum generator is very worthy. It helps to monitor and keep and shift as well as small parts from one place to another. This saves your time and energy. 

2.    Small size, just small volume required for installation.

For any type of installation, if you will use a vacuum generator, they need a very small amount. You don’t need a huge amount for installation. But proper maintenance is essential if you will not do proper maintenance then vacuum generators may not last long!

3.    Very fast to create vacuum, achieve short work cycle.

The vacuum generator creates a very fast vacuum within the place and then grip the product gently. It helps to move small parts, tools, and accessories from one place to another place very easily. If you need a vacuum generator, we can provide you bulk quantity within a short time.

4.    Low cost in maintenance.

Maintenance is very essential. If you can’t maintain it properly, it will not last long. So, proper maintenance is required but the maintenance cost is also important. If you need frequent vacuum generator or gripper maintenance at a high cost, then it will be a loss for you. If you buy products from AIRBEST we offer a quality product which lasts long and for our product you need less maintenance cost.


The application of vacuum generator is in different industries, such as glass industry, packaging industry, wood working industry, electronic industry, automotive industry, semiconductor industry, etc.

The vacuum generator is connected with vacuum suction cup or gripper to achieve the functions include: picking, handling, palletizing, fixing, grabbing, transferring, etc.

Airbest is always ready to provide the best quality service which you will never forget. We have an experienced manufacturer team and engineers. We have more than 15 years’ experience in this field and we would love to run more efficiently. We also have a strong customer care service. We have an easy and short order taking process and our process is simple and easy as well. You have to provide us complete order details and once we confirm we will send you price quotes. You have to accept our price quotes and paid. Once you paid we will start manufacturing the entire lot.


We pack as per your need!


Packing is very important and we always focus on packing so that you will get the best quality product without any damage. As per your country's distance from our country, we will pack according to that! We can pack with proper strong raw materials which never destroy easily. So, choose the best packing mode and send us the order details. During the order, you have to mention to us your deadline and packing mode as well. Vacuum generator plays an important role. The photovoltaic is the best example. It is the method of generating electrical power with the help of solar cells. Finally, solar energy is converted to renewable energy through the flow of protons. 


Place order whenever you wish!


Place order anytime we will get back to you within 24 hours. Vacuum suction cups are available in variable shapes and sizes, thus making it easy for making a generous selection. For years, these cups have become highly popular in carrying out variable applications related to household and industries. There are several industries like beverage, electronics, wood, metal, semiconductor, and automotive where people should buy suction cups. The suction cup grips the surface of the product and it does not attach the suction cup itself. The suction cup activates vacuum generators and draws out the air and it creates a vacuum.

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