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▶  Bag opening
Vacuum generator (vacuum ejector) and vacuum suction cups are used to pick and open bags with different material, such as plastic film, paper, foil etc. Require vacuum suction cups which with thin lip.

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▶  Handling of flexible package
Handling of the flexible packages requires vacuum generator (vacuum ejector) with high vacuum level and vacuum suction cups with thin lip.

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  Carton Handling
There are many different kind of cardboard, which requires different vacuum flow and different material of vacuum suction cups. The vacuum gripper is also available for carton handling.

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▶  Palletizing & depalletizing
The process of palletizing and depalletizing normally is pick up the packages to somewhere or unload the packages from somewhere. It needs to pick up some cartons at the same time, or pick up big packages. Vacuum gripper is a better choice for this application.

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▶  Pick and place
In many different workstation to pick up something by robots and put the things on a specified location or put into package bag or cartons. The objects could be bread, glass, metal sheet, battery, chip, wafer, egg, apple, wood, paper, cup, etc. It needs small and light vacuum generator (vacuum ejector) that could be equipped with robot arm, and different type vacuum suction cups with different material for each object.

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▶  Labeling
Labeling need strong vacuum to the label, meanwhile not make any marks on the surface of the product. The vacuum ejector which with vacuum release is available. And need the vacuum suction cups which with thin lip.

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