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AIRBEST—The Vacuum Technology for The Electronics Industry

★   Vacuum generators with intergared valve work with high efficiency.
★   Energy saving system reduce air consumption.
★   Different size of vacuum suction cup for choice.
★   Mark free or conductive type material of vacuum suction cup is available.

AIRBEST:Provide a New Solution for Electronics Industry

AIRBEST's vacuum product ensures safe and sensitive handling of electronic components and products in the electronic production process chain.​​​​​​​
Airbest:Your Best Handling Sheet Metal Solution Provider in China
No trace requirement​​​​​​​
For mark free request on surface of workpieces, the vacuum suction cups with mark free material is the right choice.​​​​​​​
The conductive material, such as conductive NBR and conductive Silicone, are suitable for conductive application.​​​​​​​

It's safe to use vacuum suction cups in electronics industry, conductive material is available.​​​​​​​
Vacuum generator with integrated valve, very fast in vacuum generation and blow-off.

AIRBEST Vacuum Product:Provide a Good Solution for Handling of the Screen of Electronic Equipment

Vacuum suction cups are widely used in handling screen of electronic products. Mark free type material is the professional choice for handling screen.

AIRBEST Vacuum Suction Cups:Played a Great Role in Handling PCB Board

PCB is fragile and high requiremeng of conductivity of vacuum suction cup. And the work cycle in PCB industry is short. Requires high speed working.

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AIRBEST: Provide a variety of solutions for The Electronics Industry


AIRBEST Vacuum Product:Provide Vacuum Technology for The Electronics Industry

  Various products to meet different application in automotive industry.
  Customized design is available.
  Fast delivery with stable quality.

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