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Are you looking for the high quality of vacuum parts and accessories? Get in touch with us through For more than 14 years, we have been supplying custom-made and standardized Vacuum Cartridges, Vacuum Grippers, Vacuum Generator, Vacuum Suction Cups, Mounting Parts, and Vacuum Accessories. 

At, we help create a better future. Sustainable productivity, high quality of components for turnkey vacuum solutions, this is our goal

Following are some of our key products:

Vacuum Cartridges:

Vacuum cartridges are the heart of the module vacuum mechanism. It is suitable for handling small products such as semiconductor chips and other electronic elements.

Vacuum Grippers:

It is a tool with a suction cup, made of rubber or polyurethane that collects the products by vacuum. This type of fastening is the most suitable for moving surfaces such as glass, metal sheets, plastics, or cardboard.

Gripper works when the difference between vacuum and atmospheric pressure. It is sufficient to provide the ability to move, hold, lift, and more. This happens when any of the sides of the part is flat enough and large enough for a gripper to make enough difference in pressure.

Vacuum Generator:

The vacuum generator establishes the necessary vacuum for handling procedures. The vacuum is generated either electrically or pneumatically. 

A pneumatic vacuum generator performs short cycle periods and can be integrated directly into the system thanks to its lightweight and compact design. The electric vacuum generator is used in applications where compressed air is not available or where high suction powers are required.

Vacuum Accessories:

At, we have all types of high-quality vacuum accessories parts. All accessories offer the best performance. On our online store, you can explore through the filter, valve, digital pressure switch, mechanical pressure gauge, vacuum control unit, silencer, and much more. All these accessories will be fitted perfectly

Designed as the high efficient solution for moving loads and objects in industries of all kinds. At, we develop parts movement systems through vacuum cups that not only help reduce and prevent health problems in your employees due to lifting heavy loads. But also, favors the production of your company by allowing faster and more dynamic transport of parts, thus accelerating the production process in general.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details about our products and catalogs. We assure you the reliable of quality and solutions!

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