Implementation Standards and Selection Criteria for Vacuum Suction Pads

What standards need to be met when using vacuum suction pads?

  • Before using the vacuum suction pad, check if the rubber suction pad, plastic tube, power cord, and hook are intact. If they are damaged, they must be repaired to ensure safe use.

  • When using the vacuum suction pad for lifting, the lifting speed should not be too fast to avoid damaging the rubber suction pad, plastic tube, and connecting cable, and causing the vacuum pump to lose normal function.

  • When using the lifting machine, it must work according to the specified weight and is prohibited from overloading.

  • The 90-degree flip mechanism of the vacuum suction pad should be lubricated according to regulations, and it is forbidden to touch the flip mechanism with hands or other objects during work to avoid being caught in the gear transmission mechanism.

  • During the suction and lifting process of the vacuum suction pad, the vertical height from the ground should be less than 1 meter. When encountering ground obstacles, avoid or detour, and it is prohibited to run over the heads of workers.

  • During the use of the vacuum suction cups for lifting, do not pull the control switch on the pipeline and do not turn off the vacuum pump and the electric control switch.

  • When the vacuum suction pad is not in use, it is prohibited to allow the suction pad to drop directly. The four supporting legs should be installed and fixed firmly with tightening bolts.

  • The suction pad lifter must be reliably connected to the crane to ensure the safety and prevent the spiral cable from entangling with the crane wire rope.

  • The surface of the pipes to be lifted should be flat, free of impurities and oil stains, to ensure safety during lifting.

  • The vulnerable parts of the rubber suction cup should be checked regularly and replaced in time. When the lifting machine fails, professional personnel should be notified for maintenance, and it is prohibited to dismantle it privately.

  • When using the lifting machine, the position of the suction pad should maintain the balance of the lifted object to prevent the lifted object from losing balance and falling during work.

What factors do you need to consider when choosing a vacuum suction pad?

  • No pollution

The vacuum suction pad is particularly environmentally friendly, with no light, heat or electromagnetic pollution.

  • Easy to use

No matter what material the lifted object is made of, as long as it can be sealed and not leak air, it can be used. Electromagnetic suction pads cannot be used. They can only be used on steel plates, and plates or objects made of other materials cannot be suctioned.

  • Will not damage the workpiece

Because the vacuum suction pad is made of rubber material, lifting and dropping the workpiece will not cause any damage to the workpiece. Hook-type lifting devices and steel cable lifting devices cannot achieve this. In some industries, the requirements for the surface of the workpiece are particularly strict, and they can only use vacuum suction pads.

  • Easy to wear and tear

Since it is generally made of rubber and directly contacts the object, it wears quickly. It is a pneumatic vulnerable part. It is precisely because of this that it stands out from numerous pneumatic components.

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