The Influence of Vacuum Suction Cups and Plate Condition on Actual Suction Force

Theoretical safety suction, refers to the vacuum suction cups are not aged and hardened, vacuum suction cups are not damaged or cracked, the surface of the vacuum suction cups is clean, and the surface quality of the board is relatively good. Only when the lip of the vacuum suction cups fits well with the surface of the board, and the air leakage is minimal, the vacuum degree can reach 60% or above. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe use of the vacuum suction cup system for feeding, please pay attention to the following.

Precautions for feeding with vacuum suction cups system

1. The lip surface (the surface that fits with the board) of the vacuum suction cup must be cleaned and inspected regularly, and the vacuum suction cup should be inspected regularly for scratches, cracks, and aging. If there are any problems, replace the vacuum suction cup immediately. I have seen many companies using unsafe vacuum suction cups, which makes people worry about safety accidents.

2. When the board surface is heavily rusted or uneven, it is necessary to enlarge the safety factor, otherwise it may not be suctioned well.

For this situation, innovative quick hook system (diamond hook) has been designed, 4 sets integrated symmetrically at both ends of the beam, which can be applied in the following two cases:

  • During the feeding process, when the power suddenly goes out, the diamond hook is used to prevent the board from falling off, and the feeding is resumed when the power comes back.

  • When feeding a board that is heavily rusted or thicker than 10mm, first lift it with the vacuum suction cups, and then use the diamond hook to ensure safety with no risk.

The influence of vacuum power source on vacuum pressure

Next , Airbest will share you the influence of vacuum power source on vacuum pressure. Feeding with suction vacuum cups is a manual assisted feeding method, which requires ensuring personnel safety.

The vacuum degree of vacuum generator is lower than that of vacuum pump, so vacuum pump is usually used as vacuum power source, which is safer. A professional feeding system company does not use vacuum generator, and there is also a factor that some factories have requirements for high-pressure gas, and the distribution of air pipes is not convenient.

There are also two types of vacuum pumps. One uses three/two-phase electricity, which needs to be connected with strong electricity from the workshop electric box to the control box of the suction vacuum cups system.

The other uses a weak vacuum pump as a vacuum power source. If the crane on the customer's site is too high and the power supply is not convenient, this pump can be used, which is powered by a 12V battery and can be charged regularly.

Requirements of board hanging height on vacuum suction cups system:

The hanging height refers to the distance between the edge of the board and the edge of the nearest vacuum suction cup, as measured by a tape measure.

If the hanging height is large, the board will sag significantly and the vacuum suction cup will not hold it. For a 1mm board, the safe hanging height is 500mm. Considering the problem of hanging height, special designs are made for the length of the main beam, the number of vacuum suction cups, and the spacing of vacuum suction cups for different sizes of steel plates.

The specific configuration of the suction vacuum cups system for laser cutting machine feeding involves multiple important indicators to consider, not just the vacuum suction cups.

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