What Are the Characteristics of Different Vacuum Suction Pads?

Assistive robots are currently a popular tool in industrial markets. They can save manpower and resources, and can quickly complete the manual operations, thus improving work efficiency.

During this operation, vacuum suction pads are an essential equipment. Commonly used vacuum suction pads include flat suction pads, corrugated suction pads, oval suction pads and special suction pads. Different vacuum suction pads can be selected according to the different shapes and actual needs of the items. So, what are the characteristics of these vacuum suction pads?

Performance of flat vacuum suction pads

High positioning accuracy, small and compact design with small internal volume can minimize grab time and achieve high lateral force. The wide sealing lip has the best sealing characteristics on the flat workpiece surface. When grabbing the workpiece, it has good stability. The embedded structure of larger diameter suction pads can achieve high suction force (e.g. disc-shaped suction pads) and have bottom support. There are many types of suction pad materials.

The typical application area of the frequency conversion suction pad: handling flat or slightly rough workpieces with a flat or slightly concave shape, such as metal plates, cartons, glass plates, plastic parts, and wooden boards.

Characteristics of corrugated vacuum suction pads

1.5 folds, 2.5 folds and 3.5 folds corrugations. Excellent adaptability to uneven surfaces, improved lifting effect when grabbing the workpiece, compensation for different heights, gentle grip of fragile workpieces and soft bottom corrugations.

The handle and upper corrugations of the suction pad have high hardness, and the conical sealing lip with strong flexibility, bottom support and many types of suction pad materials.

The typical application area of bellows suction cups: handling concave and uneven workpieces, such as automotive metal plates, cartons, plastic parts, aluminum foil/thermoplastic packaging products, and electronic components.

Performance of oval vacuum suction pads

Optimal use of the suction area, suitable for long convex surface workpieces. Vacuum suction pads with enhanced hardness, small size and strong suction force, universal like flat and corrugated suction pads, with various suction pad materials and embedded structures with high gripping force (disc-type suction pads).

The typical application area of oval vacuum suction cups: handling narrow and small workpieces with small gripping surfaces, such as pipes, geometric workpieces, wooden strips, window frames, cartons, tin foil/thermoplastic packaging products.

Special vacuum suction pads

Like ordinary suction pads, they are universal, but the special suction pad materials and shapes make them suitable for specific application areas/companies.

The typical application area of special suction pads: handling special performance workpieces, such as fragile, porous, and easily deformed surface structures.

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