What Does A Vacuum Generator Do?

Vacuum generator creates vacuum pneumatically and provides the vacuum level required for the handling work.

When the compressed air enters the air supply port of the vacuum generator, it will produce an acceleration effect when passing through the narrow nozzle inside the vacuum generator. The air in the diffusion chamber and the compressed air flow out very fast, the instantaneous vacuum effect is created in the diffusion chamber. When the vacuum pipeline is connected with the vacuum port, the vacuum generator can produce vacuum and suction force. Then the vacuum suction cup could perfectly contact the surface of the workpiece, no air can enter it and a vacuum is generated.

To choose a suitable vacuum generator, we need to know some details, such as the condition of the working environment, features of the workpiece, speed of handling, other required functions, etc.

The vacuum uses compressed air to generate a vacuum, the air is free, and the cost of using a vacuum generator is very low. The size of the vacuum generator is small, flexible for installation and it creates a vacuum very fast, bringing high efficiency.

Vacuum Generator Creates Vacuum Pneumatically

What is a vacuum generator?

To handle a task, a vacuum generator plays an important role. The vacuum is mainly created either electrically or pneumatically. If you will choose pneumatic vacuum generators that will require a short time for implementation. When compressed air is not available during this time electrical vacuum generators are used. A good vacuum generator needs high suction capacity as well.

There are several companies, plants, and factories where to run production fast people are using a vacuum generators. It will fast production and help to make it smooth. Using vacuum technology laborers can move products, small parts, and large parts very easily from one place to another. You can choose any size and shape as per your need.

How to place an order?

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Types of vacuum generator

There are two types of vacuum generators available in the market and you may choose any one as per your need and requirement. One is pneumatic vacuum generator and another is electrical vacuum generator. It has a nominal suction capacity and that will last long. Its value will depend on ambient pressure.

Types Of Vacuum Generator

There are different types of vacuum generator parts available like vacuum pumps, compact ejectors, basis ejectors, and ejector modules, vacuum blowers, inline ejectors, and decentralized ejectors, etc. As per your factory requirement, size, diameter we will make the product and delivery. Don't place an order of 10 pcs or 100 pcs because we have a standard order quantity we can't produce below that!

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