Working Principles of Electric Suction Mount, Vacuum Suction Mount, and Electromagnetic Suction Mount

Electric suction mount

In actual production or daily life, frequent transportation of goods is required. For certain large items that are not very heavy, it is not convenient for people to move or transport them. The electric suction gripper that we produce is designed to help people grab and move objects with ease, making it easier for everyone to quickly move objects around.

Working principle:

The suction gripper adheres tightly to the surface of the article through high-flexibility sponge, and can be controlled through a programmable logic controller by pressing the ON button on the electric suction gripper we produce, making it simple and convenient to operate, which significantly increases production and daily work efficiency.


It has the characteristics of small volume, high transmission efficiency, high rigidity, and overload resistance. At the same time, due to the small gap between the working components and low inertia during rotation and vibration, enterprises have good development prospects to improve product performance, and can achieve stable and economical operation, meeting relatively high precision requirements.

Vacuum suction mount

The vacuum suction mount, also called the vacuum sling, is one of the actuators of vacuum equipment. Generally, using the vacuum suction mount to move products is a relatively fast way.

Basic working principle:

Firstly, the vacuum suction gripper can be disconnected with the vacuum system equipment by performing a takeover. The vacuum system equipment is then connected to the item to be lifted, such as glass, paper, and other materials. The vacuum technique equipment is turned on to start suction, creating negative air pressure inside the suction mount, thereby firmly suctioning the object to be lifted, making it possible to move it effectively.

When the object is moved to its destination, it will expand until the vacuum suction mount has zero or slightly positive air pressure, at which point, it will be separated from the object, thereby completing the task of lifting and transporting heavy objects. The vacuum suction mount is one of the actuators of the vacuum system equipment, and the suction gripper material can be made of rubber imported from China, with a significant impact on pulling force.


It is used in various vacuum insulation equipment in the construction, papermaking, printing, glass and other industries, to achieve the insulation and transportation of lightweight, thin objects such as glass and paper.


It is suitable for moving smooth objects, and its material design requires the suction mount to be smooth and airtight.

Electromagnetic suction mount

The electromagnetic suction mount is a type of accessory for machine tools. It uses the principle of electromagnetism to generate magnetic force through external coils when energized. The magnetic force passes through the magnetic induction panel and tightly suction the surface of the workpiece that contacts the panel, and the suction gripper produced by the working principle can be taken off when the coil is demagnetized by discontinuing the power supply.

Application research scope:

Grinding machines, FYMC series electromagnetic grinding machines, gantry lathes, and gantry planers and other ferrous materials processing workpieces that require no fastening.


It does not require airtightness or smoothness, but it does require ferromagnetic materials.

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