Inaugural Airbest/Taihu Lake Cup Half Marathon: A Festivity of Passion and Unity

On the sunny day of March 9th, the eagerly anticipated inaugural Airbest/Taihu Lake Cup Half Marathon was set into motion amid cheers and laughter. With the starting gun fired by Allen Xu, President of the China Division, competitors surged forward from the starting line held by Christoffer Marin from Invest AB and CFO Hans Carlsson, marking the official start of the race. 




Attracting a total of 47 participants, 4 challenged the 5km, 13 the 10km, and 30 the half marathon, with each participant triumphantly crossing the finish line.

We were also honored to welcome special guests from our headquarters, Piab Group's CEO Peter Laurin and Head of M&A Karl Lemoine, both of whom took part in the half marathon challenge. It was an unforgettable experience as everyone supported and encouraged each other under the clear blue skies, running towards the vastness of the sea and sky, embracing the joy and thrill of the challenge.

Race Highlights

Post-Race Group Photo

This event was not just a sports competition but a unique opportunity for our employees, partners, and all sports enthusiasts to come together, challenge themselves, showcase their perseverance, and enjoy the happiness that comes with physical activity. Karl Lemoine emerged as the champion of the event, completing the half marathon in an impressive time of 1 hour and 31 minutes, demonstrating exceptional athletic skill and spirit.

Champion Karl Lemoine, made it in 1h31min!


Beautiful Finish Line


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