How to Ensure the Safe Use of Vacuum Suction Cups?

The theoretical safe suction means that the vacuum suction cup will not be damaged and cracked without aging and hardening, the surface of the vacuum suction cup is clean, the surface quality of the board is good, and the lip of the vacuum suction cup fits more closely with the board surface. In the case of less air leakage, the vacuum degree can reach more than 60%. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe use of the vacuum suction cup system, please pay attention to:

1. Make sure to clean and check the lip surface of the vacuum suction cup (the side attached to the plate) regularly, and check the vacuum suction cup regularly for scratches, cracks and aging. If it is, replace it with a new vacuum suction cup immediately. We have seen that the vacuum suction cups used by many enterprises are not safe, which makes people worry about safety accidents.

2. When the surface of the steel plate is rusty and uneven, the safety factor should be enlarged, otherwise it may not be well absorbed.

3. The influence of vacuum suction gripper power supply on vacuum pressure:

Vacuum suction cup feeding is a manual auxiliary feeding method, and it is necessary to ensure the safety of personnel.

The vacuum degree of the vacuum generator is lower than that of the vacuum pump, so it is safer to use the vacuum pump as the vacuum power supply. Professional gas supply system companies do not use vacuum generators. There is also a factor. Due to the requirements for high-pressure gas, some factories have insufficient gas sources and the layout of the gas pipes is inconvenient.

There are also two kinds of vacuum pumps, one is three-phase electricity, which needs to be connected from the workshop electrical box to the control box of the vacuum suction cup system.

One is to use a weak current vacuum pump as the vacuum power supply. If the customer drives too high on the spot and it is inconvenient to get electricity, please use this pump, powered by 12V battery, and charge it regularly.

4. Sheet metal suspension requirements for vacuum suction cup system:

The overhang is the distance between the edge of the plate and the edge of the nearest vacuum cup.

When the amount of overhang is large, the plate sags seriously, and the vacuum suction cup cannot absorb it. 1mm piece, safety overhang 500 mm. Considering the problem of overhang, for steel plates of different sizes, the length of the main girder, the number of vacuum suction cups, and the spacing of vacuum suction cups must be specially designed.

In the specific application of vacuum suction cup system in laser cutting machine feeding, there are actually many important indicators worthy of attention.

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