Precautions for Using Suction Vacuum Cups

  • Use suction vacuum cups to hold working objects, heavy objects and dangerous goods, and prevent the risk of falling by adopting safety precautions.

  • Vacuum suction cup should avoid holding overweight objects and dangerous goods, and measures should be taken to prevent falling and ensure safety management.

  • When selecting suction cups, consider the type, size, and weight of the object being held, as well as the surface condition of the working object, such as oil or water content, and avoid porous surfaces that can affect suction efficiency.

  • Choose the appropriate suction vacuum cups, shape and type for different working objects, and select the appropriate suction cup material according to the required environment and object. Avoid direct suction of medical drugs and food products.

  • Take care when moving the suction cup and the held object, and avoid the risk of detachment due to speed, rotation, impact, and vibration. Confirm that the held object is fixed and reliable to avoid the risk of loosening.

  • When designing the vacuum circuit using multiple connected suction cups, be aware that if one suction cup is not working properly, the vacuum force will decrease, which can increase the risk of detachment of other suction vacuum cups.

  • Do not use any fluids other than compressed air for vacuum suction cup.

  • Vacuum suction cup should avoid the use of chemicals, corrosive and flammable gases, and should not be used in high temperature environments such as seawater and steam.

  • Avoid the presence of oily gases when using vacuum suction cup. Do not use oil mist for lubrication in the pipeline as it can cause blockage and affect function efficiency.

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