Analysis of the Adsorption Principle, Structure, and Jointing Degree of Suction Vacuum Cups

The vacuum suction principle of vacuum suction cup

Firstly, the vacuum suction cup is connected to the vacuum equipment through a pipeline, then it contacts with the object to be lifted, such as glass or paper, and the vacuum equipment starts to suck, creating negative pressure inside the cup to firmly hold the object. The lifting and transporting process can then begin.

When the object is lifted to the destination, the vacuum pressure inside the cup is released smoothly and the cup detaches from the object to complete the job.

Common Structures of vacuum suction cup

Suction vacuum cups can be divided into ordinary and special types. The most common ordinary types provide by vacuum cup suppliers are:

  • Flat and diverse in shape, made of a variety of materials, ideal for transporting smooth surfaces;

  • Short bellows-type suction vacuum cups have good rigidity, good cushioning properties, strong suction force, and can be used for the separation of small parts, but are rarely used for vertical lifting;

  • Long bellows-type suction vacuum cups are similar to short bellows-type cups, but can adapt to greater height differences in the horizontal direction, and can transport objects over longer distances.

The special types of suction vacuum cups are designed for special applications and can be divided into irregular and special-purpose models with a diverse range of shapes depending on the object to be suctioned. If you are interested in wholesale vacuum suction cup, airbest is a great option for you.

The fit between the vacuum suction cup and object

The fit between the vacuum suction cup and the surface of the object directly affects the vacuum pressure inside the cup. If the fit is poor, the vacuum level is difficult to maintain, and the suction of the object cannot be achieved.

When using suction vacuum cups, we hope that the surface of the object in contact with the cup is smooth and airtight, which is conducive to the firm grip of the vacuum suction cup on the surface.

However, this is only an ideal situation. Usually, the surface of the object being lifted is either porous (such as paper) or rough, which affects the fit between the vacuum suction cup and the object surface.

If the vacuum suction cup does not closely fit the object surface, leakage may occur.

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