The Effective Adsorption Area of the Vacuum Suction Cup when It is Working

1. The principle of vacuum suction cup

Due to the special structure of the vacuum suction cup, a temporary closed space will be formed after contact with the object. We draw or dilute the air in an enclosed space through pneumatic ducts or some device. This way, the pressure in the enclosed space is less than that of the outside world.

Hence, there is a difference between internal and external pressure. The outside atmospheric pressure will squeeze the object and the vacuum cup tightly together.

In this way, we can see that the vacuum chuck picks up the object. After arriving at the destination, the closed space is connected with the outside atmospheric pressure, and the empty suction cup is separated from the object.

Based on the above principles, the vacuum chuck is an important accessory of the vacuum system. When the vacuum system absorbs and grabs the workpiece, the vacuum suction cup directly contacts the workpiece to play the role of sealing and connection.

Vacuum suction cups are generally used for handling and fixing objects. We assemble the vacuum generator, vacuum switch, vacuum gauge and other accessories together, which not only saves the cost of the customer, but also facilitates the installation of the customer. You can also choose and design various functions according to the needs of customers.

There are many kinds of vacuum suction cup materials, such as nitrile rubber, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, natural rubber and so on. Different materials are suitable for different environments, such as silicone rubber vacuum suction cups are suitable for high-temperature occasions, and nitrile rubber has better oil resistance, etc.

There are also many specifications and shapes of vacuum suction cups, and the diameter of vacuum suction cups ranges from 2mm to 300-400mm. According to the shape, the vacuum suction cups include round vacuum suction cups, oval vacuum suction cups, square vacuum suction cups, single-layer vacuum suction cups, double-layer vacuum suction cups, multi-layer vacuum suction cups, etc.

2. The effective adsorption area of the vacuum suction cup

Although the diameter of the vacuum suction cup represents the outer diameter of the suction cup, when an object is adsorbed by vacuum pressure, the rubber will deform due to the vacuum pressure, and the adsorption area will decrease. The reduced area is called the effective adsorption area, and the diameter of the vacuum suction cup is called the effective suction pipe diameter.

According to the vacuum pressure, the thickness of the rubber of the vacuum suction cup and the friction coefficient between the suction glue and the adsorbent, the diameter of the effective vacuum suction cup will also be different, and generally it can be reduced by 10%. So take this into consideration when choosing, and don't expose the suction cup from the edge of the adsorption.

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