The Knowledge About AIRBEST Magnetic Gripper

Permanent magnet gripper, also known as a magnetic gripper, is a magnetic fixture widely used in machinery factories, mold factories, and other machining fields, which can greatly improve the clamping efficiency of magnetic conductive steel materials. The permanent magnet chuck is based on the high-performance rare earth material NdFeB (N>40) as the core. By turning the chuck handle to rotate, the magnetic system of NdFeB inside the chuck is changed to achieve the holding or release of the workpiece to be processed. The permanent magnet chuck is a kind of electromagnetic principle, which generates magnetic force by energizing the internal coil, passing through the magnetic conductive panel, and tightly attracting the workpiece that is in contact with the surface of the panel. A machine tool accessory product produced on the basis of the principle.

The characteristics of the magnetic gripper

1. The permanent magnetic gripper adopts high-performance permanent magnet material Nd-Fe-B (Nd-Fe-B) as the core of the product, which makes the product smaller in size, stronger in lifting force, and permanent in magnetic force.

2. The permanent magnet gripper can be used without electricity, saving the trouble of power supply.

3. The optimized magnetic circuit design of the permanent magnet gripper makes the residual magnetism almost zero.

4. The professionally designed appearance of the permanent magnet suction cup makes the product more beautiful.

The application principles of the magnetic gripper

The permanent magnet gripper is designed based on the continuity principle of magnetic flux and the superposition principle of the magnetic field. The magnetic circuit of the permanent magnet gripper is designed into multiple magnetic systems. Cancel, so as to achieve the purpose of holding and unloading.

The usage of the magnet gripper 

Place the workpiece on the suction cup table, then insert the wrench into the shaft hole to suck the workpiece and prepare it for processing. To prevent any possible accidental rotation of the wrench in the magnetized state, the wrench should be removed before machining. After the workpiece is processed, insert the wrench into the shaft hole and turn it counterclockwise by 180 to "OFF" to complete demagnetization and safely remove the workpiece.

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