Fire Promotion Day - AIRBEST Drill

November 9th is International Fire Day. In order to enhance the fire safety awareness, emergency response level, and self rescue ability of all the employees, AIRBEST organized a full-scale fire drill on November 8th.


Before the drill, the company specified a specific evacuation plan, clarified the evacuation route and precautions.
 With the aroma of the alarm bell, everyone, under the command of department leaders, bent over, covered their mouths and noses tightly, quickly and orderly followed the designated route to "escape" to a safe area. The entire process took a total of 1 minute and 42 seconds, and the goal of this exercise was achieved excellently.


Some employees learnt how to use dry powder fire extinguishers correctly under the guidance of the company's safety officer, which includes five steps: looking, shaking, pulling, aiming, and pressing.


General Manager Hu Wenjing summarized this drill and hopes that all employees will always maintain safety awareness, firmly establish fire safety awareness, and continuously improve their fire self rescue ability. A good fire safety work environment requires every employee to consciously fulfill their fire safety responsibilities and obligations.


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