Piab GMT Team's Visit to AIRBEST

On October 25, 2023, the Piab GMT team visited AIRBEST.


Led by Allen and Eric, who are responsible for Piab's operations in China, the GMT team visited the workshops. Piab's CEO Peter expressed his confidence in the future development of AIRBEST and also his appreciation for AIRBEST's management and operation.


After that, the Team met with AIRBEST's managers. Peter introduced the future strategy of Piab Group to everyone, and openly discussed the challenges and opportunities we will face at the meeting. Josef, President of the Vacuum Automation Division of Piab, introduced the strategy of VA Division.


Finally, Jet Hu, the general manager of AIRBEST, expressed the warm welcome for the visit of GMT Team. For the future development of AIRBEST, in addition to developing the Chinese market, it will also pay more attention to the development of overseas markets. With the support and leadership of the new team and strategy, AIRBEST will surely go further and better!


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