A successful conclusion of Airbest 1st session of High Potential Training Course

The course of Completion - Project management practical workshop

On November 4-5, 2022, the members of the Airbest high potential training camp (phase I) had their last session before graduation. The main content of this two-day course is practical project management. The management team from Piab China was also invited to attend this course.

On November 6th, Airbest Talents Reserve Program - the completion ceremony of the high potential training camp (phase I) was officially held. Teacher Shi Ai share "Seven Habits" before the graduation ceremony, then the 13 trainees were divided into two project teams to report and review the project results of the first training camp. Through the judges' scoring mechanism, the strongest team, outstanding trainees, and the best sharer with excellent comprehensive performance in the first period were commended and awarded the award certificates. Finally, Jet Hu and Allen Xu also provided some prospects and suggestions for the future training camp.


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