One Of Vacuum Components-Suction Cups

Vacuum suction cups are commonly used in vacuum components and are also an indispensable and important workpiece in the manufacturing industry. The vacuum suction cups launched by AIRBEST are more widely used in all walks of life! Small to ordinary suction toy items, large To suction glass, battery equipment, etc., a large number of AIRBEST vacuum suction cups are used! Below, we will briefly explain the vacuum suction cups. Because the material of the suction nozzle is rubber, the suction cup needs to be replaced after a period of time, so the suction cup is a wearing part in the vacuum system; in use, the mouth of the suction cup and the surface of the workpiece are in contact to form a closed space, so that the suction cup is in contact with the surface of the workpiece to form a closed space. The pressure difference between the inside and outside is maintained, and then the purpose of adsorbing and grasping the workpiece is achieved. The connecting end of the suction cup is usually connected with the hose and other components in the vacuum system through a metal structure (hardware) to achieve the purpose of forming a vacuum.

Classification of vacuum suction cups

When we design and match the suction cup, we often need to consider the overall structure of the suction cup and the hardware. The hardware of the suction cup is divided into fixed type and spring type, and the hardware interface has two types: vertical and vertical; the suction cup itself is divided into flat suction cups, corrugated suction cup and some special suction cups.

The vacuum generation of the vacuum suction cup system

There are two commonly used methods for establishing a vacuum: A. Vacuum pump B. Vacuum generator

In general, if the number of vacuum suction cups is not large and the diameter of the suction cups is not very large, it is more economical to use a jet vacuum generator to generate a vacuum. Because the jet vacuum generator's wooden body needs general compressed air to generate vacuum, no need to install other vacuum pipes. If the vacuum air consumption is relatively large, such as a color picture tube manufacturing enterprise, it is more reasonable to use a vacuum pump.

Selection of vacuum accessories for vacuum suction cups

The most common vacuum generation method for vacuum components is the jet vacuum generation method. The vacuum generation method should be selected according to the diameter and number of vacuum suction cups. Vacuum generator or vacuum pump. After the vacuum generation method is determined, the following essential components are required to form a vacuum suction cup mechanism: vacuum suction cup + (vacuum switch + vacuum filter + vacuum generation + vacuum break valve + vacuum pressure valve + vacuum cylinder) As mentioned above, after the selection of vacuum suction cup accessories, is a complete vacuum system, the suction cup can normally work for us 24 hours a day in the project, and replace manual grasping, especially when grasping some corrosion-resistant parts Sexual and toxic objects are suckers' strengths.

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