Precautions And Maintenance Methods Of Vacuum Generator

The service life of the vacuum generator is closely related to the working pressure, the working environment, and the vibration generated during the working process. Therefore, the selection of the vacuum generator is so important. 

The following summarizes 8 points for selection considerations of the vacuum generator

1. The working pressure of the vacuum generator should meet the ultimate vacuum and working pressure requirements of the vacuum equipment. Under its working pressure, the vacuum generator should be able to discharge all the gas generated in the process of the vacuum equipment. Usually, the ultimate vacuum degree of the vacuum generator is half to one order of magnitude higher than the working vacuum degree of the vacuum equipment.

2. Correctly select the working point of the vacuum generator. Each type of pump has a certain working pressure range, such as 2BV series water ring vacuum generator working pressure range is 760mmHg--25mmHg (absolute pressure), within such a wide pressure range, the pumping speed of the pump changes with the pressure (detailed change The situation refers to the performance curve of the pump), and its stable working pressure range is 760~60mmHg. Therefore, the working point of the pump should be selected within this range to be more appropriate, and it should not be allowed to work for a long time at 25~30mmHg.

3. Correctly combine the vacuum generator. Because the vacuum generator has selective pumping, sometimes one type of pump cannot meet the pumping requirements, and several kinds of pumps need to be combined to complement each other to meet the pumping requirements. For example, the titanium sublimation pump has a high pumping speed for hydrogen, but it cannot pump back, while the three-pole sputtering ion pump (or the two-diode asymmetric cathode sputtering ion pump) has a certain pumping speed for argon, The combination of the two will make the vacuum device get a better vacuum degree. In addition, some vacuum generators cannot work under atmospheric pressure and require pre-vacuum; some vacuum generators have an outlet pressure lower than atmospheric pressure and require a fore pump, so they all need to be used in combination.

4. Requirements for oil pollution of vacuum equipment. If the equipment is strictly required to be oil-free, various oil-free pumps should be selected, such as a water ring pump, sieve adsorption pump, sputtering pump, cryogenic pump, etc. If the requirements are not strict, you can choose an oil pump, plus some anti-oil pollution measures, such as adding cold traps, baffles, oil traps, etc., can also meet the requirements of a clean vacuum.

5. Understand the composition of the pumped gas, whether the gas contains condensable swallow gas, whether there is particle dust, whether it is corrosive, etc. When choosing a vacuum generator, you need to know the gas composition and select the corresponding pump for the gas to be pumped. If the gas contains vapor, particles, and corrosive gases, it should be considered to install auxiliary equipment such as condensers, dust collectors, etc. on the inlet pipeline of the pump.

6. How does the oil vapor discharged from the vacuum generator affect the environment? If the environment does not allow pollution, you can choose an oil-free vacuum generator, or discharge the oil vapor to the outside.

7. Whether the vibration generated by the vacuum generator has any effect on the process and the environment. If the process does not allow it, choose a pump without vibration or take anti-vibration measures.

8. The price, operation, and maintenance costs of the vacuum generator.

Maintenance Tips of the vacuum generator

According to the information on the air conditioning and refrigeration market, vacuum generators are usually widely used in low-temperature equipment, paper making machinery, medicine and chemical industry, food machinery, industrial electric furnace, electronic industry, vacuum equipment, petroleum, mining, foundation treatment, and other fields. How much do you know about the maintenance and maintenance of vacuum generators? Here are some maintenance tips for vacuum generators.

1. During the operation of the vacuum generator, the bearing temperature should not exceed the ambient temperature of 35C, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 80C.

2. In the first month of operation, the vacuum generator should replace the lubricating oil after 100 hours, and change the oil every 500 hours thereafter.

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