Maintenance and Operation of Bridge Vacuum Suction Cups

Bridge vacuum suction pad crane is a special production tool used to ensure the production quality requirements of high value-added steel plates such as titanium plates, NI series, and stainless steel. Bridge vacuum suction cup crane is different from other cranes in terms of operation, inspection, and maintenance. The following is a brief introduction to this aspect.

Maintenance of bridge vacuum suction cups

High working environment requirements are needed for the vacuum pump, vacuum suction cup, and vacuum filter on the vacuum suction cup. Slight improper operation during use can easily cause damage.

  • The vacuum pump is connected to 380V, three-phase power supply to produce vacuum, which is the core component of the vacuum system. During maintenance, check and tighten the wire joint and fixing end regularly.

  • The suction cup is a rubber product and often has lack of meat or cracks. When maintaining and replacing the suction cup, because the bridge vacuum suction cup is not a fixed device, it is very difficult to fasten the screw and there should be no gap between the rubber and the workpiece.

  • The vacuum filter is used to filter impurities and particles on the surface of the workpiece or in the air to ensure the service life of the vacuum pump. Regular cleaning is required during maintenance.

During maintenance, the installation pieces in various parts of the bridge vacuum suction pad are different, and disassembly is not convenient. The workers in the thick plate production operation area use their brains to make tools that are flat shovel shaped on one side and cone shaped on the other. Although the tools are very ordinary, they are very useful in use!

Operation of bridge vacuum suction cups

1. When picking up the steel plate, the suction cup should be placed in the middle of the steel plate and not offset. After confirmation, the switch can be operated to suck up the steel plate.

2. When picking up the steel plate, select the suction toggle switch. When the vacuum degree reaches the requirement (60%), the indicator light (green) lights up, and then drive the car.

3. When releasing the steel plate, select the release toggle switch. When the pressure is below 20%, the yellow light comes on. When the control console can lift the signal light, drive the car.

4. When any vacuum suction cup leaks during hoisting (below 60%), the red light on the control console lights up, and the steel plate should be immediately placed in a safe position on the ground.

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